We are Wattcrowd,
a revolutionary new platform
that fights

Join the global movement,
make an impact and
shape the future
through conscientious

Tackling climate change


One panel at a time

Wattcrowd offers a unique opportunity to
purchase solar panels in utility scale solar
farms for profit. We oversee the entire
process, from site selection to panel
installation and ongoing maintance.

1. Buy a panel
2. Lease it back to us for 25 years
3. Sit back and relax
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Rental calculator
A passive income through solar panel ownership. Unlock the power of the Sun and generate your own electricity in one of our international projects.
Change the values of circle sliders.
Set the number of solar panels
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RRR - Rental Return Rate (4-10%)
Rental return over 25 years
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Yearly lifestyle carbon offset
Revenue (per year)
$20 /per year
Reduction in water consumption
6000 gal/per year
Electric car driving distance offset
6000 mi/per year
Trees saved
Select a solar farm from the map.
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Purchase solar panels for profit.
Wattcrowd offers a unique opportunity to purchase solar panels in utility scale solar farms for profit. We oversee the entire process, from site selection to panel installation and ongoing maintance.

Each panel purchased by you accelerates our vision of establishing clean, green power stations worldwide. The power of the crowd will help us combat global warming and supports our collective effort to address climate change

Join Wattcrowd to make a significant impact and create a brighter, sustainable future for all.

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Conscientious investment in a fully managed Solar plant.
USD $500 per panel, experience the remarkable potential of up to 10% ROI with every purchase. Customize your options effortlessly using our intuitive sldiers, ensuring maximum convenience.

Find fulfillment in the knowledge that your investment actively drives positive change towards a brighter future.

Join Wattcrowd today to make a transformative impact and help build a sustainable world. This is where your journey begins.

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A passive income through solar panel ownership.
Envision a world where your money becomes a catalyst for positive change. Seize control of your investments with our groundbreaking concept. By investing in cutting-edge solar panels that not only generate income but also foster a better world, you have the opportunity to shape your own financial destiny while making a direct and meaningful impact.

Bid farewell to fixed returns. Instead, embrance the ability to strike the perfect equilibrium between personal financial gains and making a difference on a larger scale. Embrance this innovation and redefine your investement journey, unlocking new possibilities for yourself and the world.

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Investing for a better world and financial freedom.
Renewable energies are sources of clean, sustainable and increasingly competitive energy. They differ from fossil fuels principally in their diversity, abundance and potential use in diverse locations, they don't produce greenhouse gases which causes climate change nor polluting emissions.

Costs are also falling and at a sustainable rate, whereas the general cost for fossil fuels is on the increase. With profitability on the upturn due to the international energy crisis and a clear need for renewables to fight global warming it's clear that now is the time to act.

We feel the time for talking has gone. It's now time for action.

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Easy passive income Have a meaningful impact By investing in cutting-edge solar panels Bid farewell to fixed returns Contribute towards positive change Foster a better world
Embracing renewable energy solutions for a sustainable future.
The crowd has the opportunity to invest in panels within our portfolio and enjoy returns ranging from 8% to 12% based on the power purchase agreement. We exclusively utilize cutting-edge equipment, including tier one bankable solar panels that come with 25-year guarantees.

Our specialized teams streamline and manage the entire process, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

Returns are guaranteed from day one, and as projects are continuously developed, there is no withholding period, allowing investors to enjoy a steady income stream.

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